Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Recent Comments Game

Paul Baker started this on the Random Thread:

I think I may have invented a new game. You may name it collectively, but its interim title is The Recent Comments Game. It will probably turn out to be rubbish, but let’s see.

Have a look at the Recent Comments column on the main page. It aggregates the most recent comments from all the topics, so mostly nothing relates to anything else. But occasionally it throws up random juxtapositions which are at least strange. If one copies, pastes, and deletes the references to which topic the comment appeared in, some of them raise a chuckle. This one isn’t spectacularly funny, but I thought it was worth flagging up.


Lizzie – “I think that if someone is having sex they should be mature enough to use birth control and accept the risk of pregnancy.

Rebecca Lasley (Administrator) – That’s a great idea! Do you have any particular requests for what designs you’d like to see?


Over to you. Spot the funnies or invent a better name.

These variations were added later:

~~ “I’ve decided it’s legitimate to remove extraneous words from the end of a comment to improve the flow, provided one doesn’t add any. Added full stops (sorry, periods) are OK.”

~~ muselover: Another variation I thought of is just taking random posts from the RC bar rather than consecutive ones, just to open up more possibilities.

Paul Baker (Administrator)
I think you’re right. No point in insisting on consecutive order if there’s a funny to be extracted.

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